Programs Offered

TINY TOTS {1.5-3 years old, with an adult}

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KINDER TUMBLER {3-5 years old}

We navigate large gym obstacle courses (circuits) using a wide variety of gymnastics equipment (balance beams, bars, trampolines, bouncy floor, rope, parachutes, hoops, balls, etc.) in a structured format designed to challenge each child at their level in an age-appropriate way.

Gymnasts learn both basic stretching and conditioning exercises that they can practice at home. Progressive gymnastic fundamentals are taught in an environment that offers both FUN and CHALLENGE in a safe and supportive way. Kinder Tumbler gymnastics is an opportunity for great early learning and pride for each child!

Ultimately, IGT wants every child to feel empowered through the opportunity to broaden their own concept of what is possible for them!


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TEAM PROGRAMS {minimum 6 years old}

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More info incoming!